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Chris Andriessen

Allround Signmaker and Graphic designer. Also very tech-savvy 🤖



TaskbarX gives you control over the position of your taskbar icons. TaskbarX will give you an original Windows dock like feel. The icons will move to the center or user given position when an icon gets added or removed from the taskbar. You will be given the option to choose between a variety of different animations and change their speeds.

TaskbarX Hero


Save valuable time creating cut contours using Print++.
Print++ adds tools to Adobe Illustrator to automatically generate cut contours and overlaps.

Print++ Adobe Illustrator CutContour plugin


Aerial has the ability to claim spaces on your desktop. Aerial can claim spaces on your desktop for your docks, widgets or other things. Windows won't maximize over the spaces you claimed.

Chris Andriessen

Made with lots of ☕ by Chris Andriessen