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GRBL 1.1x Pendant with LCD

Arduino UNO or MEGA Pendant with LCD for GRBL 1.1f (Jog X Y Z and send any Command while connected to PC simultaneously)

Requires second Arduino UNO or MEGA for pendant and another MEGA for LCD.
Needs Serial TX from pendant Arduino to Serial RX on GRBL Arduino connected.
Needs Serial RX(pin 10) from LCD Arduino to Serial TX on GRBL Arduino connected.
Can be used while connected to PC with Gcode sender software.


Send any command to GRBL with push buttons. Already included Jogging with pin 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Diagonal jogging support included. And Unlock with pin 8.

Pin 7 = X1

Pin 6 = X2

Pin 5 = Y1

Pin 4 = Y2

Pin 3 = Z1

Pin 2 = Z2

Pin 8 = Unlock


Chris Andriessen

Made with lots of ☕ by Chris Andriessen