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GravoStyle 5 Windows 10 x64 Installation

Make sure to follow the steps i take very carefully. On the end of the video the job was succesfully send to our IS800 and received. This method should be working with Gravostyle 98 too. But i can't show that because, our company doesn't have a license for that. Drivers from Gravostyle 8.5 are needed instead of the drivers from 5 because, only the newest work in Windows 10 x64 but, they work fine with Gravostyle 5.
I made a zip from the Drivers so you don't have to download Gravostyle 8.5 only for the drivers.

Download Drivers

Make sure you make a shortcut in :
(C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Window s\Printer Shortcuts)

With the exact same name as your printer. In my case (GT Smartstream) otherwise you won't be able to add your printer/machine.
Here is a PDF version of the video:

Download PDF

GravoGraph support downloads:



Chris Andriessen

Made with lots of ☕ by Chris Andriessen