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An application written in C++ to modify the Windows 11 Taskbar. Current version turns the Windows 11 Taskbar into a dock. New features will be added in the future.

Features (at this moment)

* Turn the Windows 11 Taskbar into a dock.
* Turn the tray/clock into a dock.
* Support multiple monitors.
* Support sepperate DPI scaling.
* Switch back to normal on maximized window.
* Support left and centered taskbar.
* Tray icon to exit TaskbarXI and revert to the default taskbar.
* Simple GUI to change the settings.

Features (upcoming)

- Change taskbar background style and color.


Latest version:

Screenshot (centered)

Windows 11 taskbar centered

Screenshots (left)

Windows 11 taskbar left
Chris Andriessen

Made with lots of ☕ by Chris Andriessen