FalconX Build 13.10.2019 October
* Added Expirimental Taskbar Transparancy.
* Bug fixes for Multi Monitor support.

FalconX Build 13.10.2019 October
* FalconX now uses its own config file.
# To prevent user.config in appdata errors.

FalconX Build 13.10.2019 October
* Secondary Taskbar now checks its own left offset.
# So you can have a search box on your main taskbar and button on the secondary taskbar

FalconX Build 12.10.2019 October
* Multi Monitor Support. (up to 3 displays).
# Enable with "Center on Multiple Monitors" option.

FalconX Build 11.10.2019 October
* And another stability update.

FalconX Build 10.10.2019 October
* Slight change to the VisualEffects to make them even smoother.
* Bug fixes and optimizations.

FalconX Build 09.10.2019 October
- Removed .Net Transitions.
* Added VisualEffects (www.easings.net)

FalconX Build 21.09.2019 September
* .Net Transitions fully integrated.
* Animation Preview

FalconX Build 20.09.2019 September
* Vertical taskbar support.
* Automatically restarts when Explorer restarts.
* Added option to change Reaction speed.
* Added simple reset settings button.

FalconX Build 25.08.2019 August
* Fixed start-up issues for UWP mode.

FalconX Build 01.08.2019 August
* FalconX should work again with third-party startmenu's
* Made form sizable for the people who could'nt see the buttons at the bottom.

FalconX Build 14.07.2019 July
* Added option to center between the left Start, search etc... buttons and the right Tray menu.
* Bug fixes and optimizations.

FalconX Build 14.07.2019 July
* Bug fixes and optimizations

FalconX Build 13.07.2019 July
* Icons don't flicker anymore :)
* New easier to use Settings
* Bug fixes and optimizations

FalconX Build 11.07.2019
* Attempt to fix flickering icons bug

FalconX Build 24.06.2019 June
* Changed normal User32.dll Declarations to System.Runtime.InteropServices
* Made it a 32bit application
# May fix some startup issues

FalconX Build 23.06.2019 June
* Automatically fixes position on DPI change within < 10 seconds
* Automatically fixes position on icon size change within < 10 seconds
* Automatically fixes position on left offset change within < 10 seconds

FalconX Build 22.06.2019 June
* Improved CPU usage to 0%/0.1% at idle.
* Updates actual Memory usage for task manager.
* Automatically fixes position on resolution change within < 10 seconds
* Switched to (UI Automation COM API) instead of (UI Automation .NET)

FalconX Build 18.06.2019 June
- Removed taskbar style (acrylic)
- Removed taskbar style (transparant)
- Removed taskbar style (blur)
# TranslucentTB does it better. And caused issues in FalconX.

FalconX Build 17.06.2019 June
* Added taskbar style (acrylic)

FalconX Build 16.06.2019 June
* Tried to fix Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
* Added taskbar style (transparant)
* Added taskbar style (blur)

FalconX Build 15.06.2019 June
* Added extra loop thread to calculate the left offset
* Added light and dark mode icons
* Added option to set custom offset
* Tried to fix the 0xffffff error on startup (Hope it's fixed now)

FalconX Build 13.06.2019 June
* Added refresh option

FalconX Build 10.06.2019 June
* Program rewritten
* Only supports main taskbar
* Choose between animations
* Choose animation speed
* Supports small taskbar icons
* Supports taskbar labels
* Compatible with TranslucentTB
* Compatible with third party start menu's
* No-GUI


Program rewritten...
(june 10th 2019)
Project renamed to FalconX
(december 11th 2018)
Started project Falcon10
(june 15th 2018)
Finding ways to center the taskbar
(may 6th 2018)